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Rarely in politics do you get an opportunity to endorse a good friend running for Congress. I have served side by side with Ben Cline for eight years. I know he is a true conservative and the best candidate for Congress.

Ben is not afraid to stand up and defend our freedoms and to protect our core values and principles regardless of the circumstances. He does what his heart tells him is right even when it sometimes conflicts with what party insiders would prefer.

In our time together in the House of Delegates, Ben has championed common sense, conservative legislation that holds government accountable, doesn’t raise taxes, keeps the government’s hands off our guns, and protects the right to life.

Because Ben is such a principled conservative leader, he has earned the American Conservative Union’s “Conservative Excellence Award,” as well as top ratings from leading conservative groups like the VA Tea Party Patriot Federation, the Virginia Family Foundation and an A+ rating from the NRA.

Ben grew up in the 6th District, where he and his wife are now raising their children in the same community with the same values that he had as a child. As an assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney he prosecuted violent criminals making our community safer for his family and yours.

We need someone in Washington, DC who will fight for what is right and make us proud. Ben Cline is that man.

I encourage you to get involved in the nominating process for Ben. The convention will be on May 19th in Harrisonburg and every vote will matter. To attend the 6th District convention you must sign up as a local delegate first. Official calls for local mass meetings and the 6th District Convention are available online at

You can find out more about Ben’s campaign and sign up to receive the information needed to become a delegate at

Delegate Richard Bell

Sign up to support Ben Cline by filling out this form.

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