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Fellow Delegates,

I am sick and tired of our elected officials and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. trampling all over our Constitution and the Republic it set forth.

There is a reason I actually carry around a Constitution wherever I go.

I use the Constitution as my guide whenever I vote in Richmond. And should you vote for me at the upcoming 6th District Convention and send me to Congress, I pledge to always look to the Constitution for guidance in Washington.

Going forward, Congress must reestablish the supremacy of the Constitution and protect our Constitutional rights. The status quo, perpetuated by the special interests and swamp monsters that have invaded Washington, must be upended.

We must elect a Congressman who will fight to ensure neither the Judicial nor Executive branches take over powers from the Legislative branch. And in turn, Congress must stop runaway regulatory agencies that have morphed into a shadow branch of government.

And you deserve a Congressman who will fight for YOUR rights:

I am running for Congress because I know my experience in the Virginia House of Delegates uniquely qualifies me to hit the ground running working for you.

But more importantly, I am running for Congress because I believe my record of upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself.

With your support at the 6th District Convention coming up on May 19th, I would like to use my experience to continue this fight for the Constitution and our Republic in Washington, D.C.


Ben Cline

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