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Fellow Delegates,

In my tenure in the Virginia House of Delegates, I have made the preservation of our religious liberties, freedom of conscience, and the fight to protect innocent life from the horrors of abortion my top priorities. As we all know, these cornerstones of our Republic have been under vicious assault from all sides – by Republicans and Democrats alike.

But unlike some Republicans and all Democrats, I have repeatedly stood in the gap and refused to back down.

I stood up to the abortion lobby and voted to  strip Planned Parenthood funding from the Virginia Budget .  I carried the bill to  recognize the “Day of Tears” in Virginia   – a day to recognize all the lives ended early by abortion.

In fact, I have been targeted by “Women’s Groups” for standing up for the lives of the unborn.

I’ve also fought to expand the rights of homeschoolers, for the rights of pastors to speak freely, and to allow prayer at public events, which has come under attack in recent years by the secular left.

And with your support, this is a fight I will take to Washington.

For a better idea of how I will vote in Congress, here’s how I’ve been voting to protect the unborn and stand up for religious liberty:

  • SB674 – Wrongful Death for the Unborn – Provide civil cause of action for the unborn in cases where they lose their life due to negligence of another. I voted YES.
  • HB62 – Abortion of Children with Disabilities – Repeal a law forcing payment by Virginia of non-federally funded abortions such as those of children with disabilities. I voted YES.
  • HB 1900 – Health Insurance Abortion Opt-Out – Prohibit health insurance companies participating in Virginia’s federally-required exchange from providing elective abortion coverage. I voted YES.
  • SB1074 –  Student Group Religious Rights – Protect the rights of student groups at public colleges/universities to select leadership based on religious, political, or philosophical beliefs. I voted YES.
  • HB 1442 – Homeschool Sports – Allow homeschool students to try out for public school sports programs. I voted YES.
  • SB236 – Student Prayer – Protect student’s voluntary expressions of religious viewpoints. I voted YES.
  • HB30 – Defund Attorney General Mark Herring’s Efforts to Overturn Virginia’s Marriage Law – I voted YES.
  • SB 690 – Free Speech for Chaplains – Protect the free speech of military chaplains to minister according to their conscience. I voted YES.
  • HB 1437 – Prayer at Public Events – Create guidelines for prayer at public events according to Supreme Court standards – I voted YES.
  • HB 5002 – Defund Planned Parenthood – I voted YES.
  • HB 5002 – Continued Regulation of Abortion Centers – Prevent Department of Health from spending money on changes to the abortion center safety regulations to weaken them. I voted YES.
  • HB 1400 – Limit Virginia Abortion Funding – Prevent the funding of low-income elective abortions. I voted YES.

To see all the votes I have taken to protect life, religious liberty, and our family values, click here.

Ben Cline
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