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Fellow Virginians,

Last week was tremendous both for our President and for my campaign for Congress.

This past Tuesday, the President gave a fantastic State of the Union address. Nearly every poll showed that upwards of 75% of the viewers approved of the President’s remarks. Hopefully, this address will serve to help unify our country around enacting the President’s agenda! If you would like to sign up to become a delegate at the 6th District Convention, please click here now!

On that topic – two of the President’s top aides during his election have endorsed my candidacy for Congress because I am the best candidate to help push conservative legislation and turn the President’s agenda into law.

Mike Rubino, President Trump’s Virginia Director had this to say:

“The best candidate to replace Bob Goodlatte, who will help President Trump achieve his agenda, is Ben Cline. Ben is a winner who has a record of actually fighting for the issues we care about, not just talking about them.”

Mike Rubino with President Trump

Stuart Jolly, President Trump’s National Field Director added:

“I’m endorsing Ben Cline for Congress because he’s proven himself as a consistent conservative who fights for what’s right, even when it’s inconvenient. Before I was President Trump’s National Field Director, I worked for Americans for Prosperity at the same time Ben Cline was the chairman for the west half of our chapter in Virginia. In that role, Ben worked to protect and advance every individual’s right to economic freedom. In Congress, he’ll do the same.”

Stuart Jolly with President Trump

If you believe Virginia’s 6th Congressional District needs a Congressman who is ready to serve this District day one, with a proven track record of advancing legislation, and who is trusted by President Trump’s aides to be the best candidate to get the job done, please click here now to sign up to be a delegate at the 6th District Convention!


Ben Cline

P.S. – If you want to nominate a candidate who is best equipped to help enact the President’s Agenda day one, click here and fill out the form to sign up so you can vote in the May 19th Republican Convention!

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